Monday, June 1, 2015

360 to No-Hander to Newton: The Physics of Extreme Stunts

To The Power of X has a neat round-up of all the neat physics-related reasons that Josh Sheehan's triple-flip on a dirt bike is not just an impressive looking bit of stunt work but also has some impressive physical forces at work (and also working against it that Sheehan to overcome).

One of the questions TTPX links to is the question "what is the uper limit of flips you can safely do in FMX competition?". Part of the calculation for the answer is at right. The short answer is "probably four".

If you ever wondered just how physics and extreme sports interected-- or even if you didn't, but now do, then check out Jen W.'s blog entry on this, where she collects a number of interesting links and discussions on the underpinings of sick tricks and getting some sweet air.

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