Monday, August 3, 2015

How (And Why) You Can Help!

I have over 13 years of experience in graphic design and web design & have been a prolific freelance writer on geek culture in general, and video games in particular, since 2006. My writing was published on, featured on the front page of, and in the magazine PC Gamer. I was also a weekly columnist for 411 Mania Games, a Featured Video Games Contributor for Associated Content (now Yahoo! Voices), and co-hosted the Geekly Weekly podcast for a year with James Neives, Staff Editor for the New York Times Photo Desk.
I have also worked as social media consultant to small businesses, and my digital design work spans everything from role-playing game supplements to logo, t-shirt and poster design for professional wrestlers.

I also like to help people! Some other things I do
  • I co-host bi-annual charity fundraisers with The Baron Von Munchausen Society at Wicked Faire & The Steampunk World’s Fair
  • Advocate for strong anti-harassment policies and safe spaces at conventions that I attend
  • Helped organize public relations, media outreach, recorded an audio book & designed the website for a disabled dad’s disability non-profit initiative. It was so successful he's been invited back this year and is teaming up on future .
  • Assisted artists like macncheesecabra set up and sell artwork & t-shirts online
  • Consult with small businesses on SEO optimization
  • Wrote personal essays on being a male survivor of abuse
  • Created business cards for everyone from indie games designers to computer engineers
  • Ghost-written over 200 articles for Textbroker clients
And of course, there's The Code which I use to focus on marginalized voices and advocates more more inclusiveness in media fandoms and sub-cultures.
I want to keep doing this work, and working with & helping people and also be compensated for my time and effort. My ultimate dream is to be able to offer a bi-monthly podcast along with a blog updated every day of the week. I know times are rough for a lot of people, so I’ve set this campaign to pay monthly– no matter how much I do or produce, you’ll only be spending the amount you chose once per month.

Click here to find out how you can become a Patron for as little as a dollar a month.

I have just moved to a new place, and am looking for work while dropping to part-time in college. If you want to help out but don't want the monthly commitment, you can also make a one-time donation of any amount by clicking the donate button in the sidebar. Thanks!

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