Friday, April 28, 2017

"The Last Unicorn" Creator's Been Ripped Off & Needs Our Help

Peter S. Beagle, beloved author of The Last Unicorn, The Folk of the Air, and dozens of short stories, has been embroiled in a lengthy lawsuit against Connor Cochran for fraud, defamation, elder abuse, and breach of contract. Cochran is Beagle's former business manager who embezzled funds, stole the rights to Beagle's work and then tried to claim the Beagle was too incompetent to manage his own funds. As a result of this, Beagle is both broke and embroiled in an expensive lawsuit.

Per Peter S. Beagle's close friend Adrienne Leigh, buying anything new, like branded The Last Unicorn merchandise won't help Beagle at all. He won't get a dime.

Here are two ways you can help.

Peter Beagle's partnered with the folks at Humble Bumble to assemble new unicorn-themed fiction, called “Save the Unicorns.” To make sure the most of your money goes to Beagle. when you're prompted to choose where your money goes,” select 100% to go to Tachyon Press.

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