Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Bi The Way: Dragon Age Modder Adds In True Bi Romance

Nexus mod user ADHD-Bayonetta has released a new Dragon Age mod they call the "Complete Bi Overhaul". Unlike other mods which just toggle a flag so that women can date Morrigan and guys can date Alistair, the mod author went to great lengths to not just make those relationships possible, but immersive. As a bonus, they've also fixed it so that the Warden won't be misgendered no matter what relationship option you choose. They even went as far to edit dialogue, re-record and edit audio, and even add in a lot of brand new writing. They also undid all game gender restrictions since, oddly enough, the only restrictions that were favored were the ones that made the player character straight. Seriously, check out the feature list:

  • Characters won’t misgender the Warden. This applies to every time the Warden’s relationship with Alistair or Morrigan is acknowledged.
  • Any gendered dialogue has been edited.
  • Added new banter for characters so that they’ll acknowledge the gay relationships.
  • Added jealousy dialogues for Alistair and Morrigan if the Warden is cheating on either of them with the other.
  • Women can do the dark ritual with Morrigan.
  • Women can marry Anora.
  • Men can marry Alistair.
  • Previously dude-exclusive flirting options for Leliana are now open to women.
  • Removed unnecessary gender restrictions on the Warden’s dialogue options.

You can get more details on the mod, as well as some video of it in action and download resources here.

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