Friday, July 21, 2017

Fanart Friday #3: Danielle Sanfilippo

I met Danielle Sanfilippo this year during a fan-run Undertale tabletop-themed game at Dexcon 20 in Morristown, NJ. Aside from being a top-notch Undyne player, she also showed generous spirit when, after the game session was finished, she gifted each player a little chibi version of the character they played. That was my gateway to doing a deeper dive into her artwork and character design work.

So in the 3rd edition of Fanart Friday, I present to you a selection of the works of illustrator Danielle "Danimagining" Sanfilippo. You can find out how to follow Danimaging at the end of the post, and there's a bonus bit of silly art based on the Dexcon Undertale game session under the jump (since it's slightly spoilerish for Undertale).

First up, above is her take on Overwatch's fighter and competitive gamer, D. Va.

She also has a great take on Zootopia's Nick Wilde.

You don't often find fan art of locations in a game, and here you have a fan landscape of the Waterfall area in Undertale, complete with echo flowers.

Sanfilippo also works in traditional media. In addition to animation and character concept design work, she's also made artwork based on adventures and encounters for the Knight Realms LARP group.

You can find her work under the Danimagining name across pretty much every social media platform you can think of. Her facebook is and she's on instagram as danimagining. You can also even wear her artwork. Her fandom stuff is available at (I want that Tracer tee so badly, you have no idea) and her original artwork is up on redbubble at .

Fanart Friday is an ongoing series where The Code looks to spotlight fanworks created by and 
for POC, LGBT artists. If you know of any work you think should be given a boost, send me an email at or comment below!

Bonus Content: Undertale spoilers follow.
Here's the promised bonus content. In the tabletop session, a team consisting of Undyne, The Fallen Human, Flowey (in a flowerpot) Papyrus, Toriel and Alphys ended up encountering a boss challenge. When each character completed a challenge related to their soul, they were ejected from the battle, with each character procceding turn by turn. While Flowey succeeded, we realized that technically he didn't have a soul. Undyne was up next. Someone made a "this bitch's empty, YEET" joke. Group consensus was that Undyne just chucked Flowey out of the battle, and so, Papryus' player roughed out a drawing, which Danielle redrew:

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