Thursday, January 24, 2008 Release New Game For Cheapos, People Eating Fast Food

Hey! If you read this blog, chances are you like tabletop games. And unless you're some kind of mutant commie Bolshevik space alien, you probably like board games, too.

Have the RPGX crew got something for you!

X-Craft: Fast Food Table Top Strategy!

X-Craft is a 2 player, hex map board game that can be played with loose change and a drinking straw. The game was originally created to be played on the back of "generic" fast food wrappers containing a hex map design. Rules are simple and a game usually lasts about an hour.

The downloadable rule book folds into a 4 page booklet no bigger than a standard sized buisness card. Rules are availible for download now.

You can beta test the new rules for free!

X-Craft "Beta Version"

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