Friday, April 11, 2008

Holy Crap! HOmestar Runner Game To Be Released On The Nintendo Wii!

The above concept art by Strong bad.

Yes, your dreams of a Homestar Runner video game have now come true!

The WiiWare/PC game "Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People" is a joint collaboration between Mike and Matt Champman (the creators of Homestar Runner) and Telltale Games (the brains behind the Sam and Max adventure game series).

From the official site:

These are story games, with weird plots and tons of dialogue conceived through a mind-meld between the guys who make the cartoons and the team who brought you Sam & Max Seasons One and Two. In each SBCG4AP episode, you take control of Strong Bad and interact with other characters in beloved locations such as Strong Bad's basement, Bub's Concession Stand, and The Stick. Besides talking to other characters and messing with their minds, you'll also get to dress up in funny costumes, check email on Strong Bad's trusty Lappy 486, and play arcade-style mini games such as the timeless Snake Boxer 5.
Check out the official ad here:

Check out the official trailer here:

That's it, between Michelle and I enjoying the hell out of Wii Tennis a few weeks ago, and THIS announcement, I'm sold. WE're getting a Wii with our rebate. :D

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