Monday, April 7, 2008

So You Wanna Be A Video Game Writer?

"One question I'm asked all the time is: What do I have to do to become a game writer? Well, at last I'm going to tell you. Are you ready for it? You're sure? Okay!

To become a game writer you must be good at writing for games.

I'm glad that's settled.

Oh ... were you looking for a little more than that? I guess you're persistent and curious -- that's a start. I'll tell you what I know."

Writer James Portnow explains how the art of writing for video games is different from writing for any other medium - and how making that distinction is the all-important first step towards being a GOOD writer for video games.

Be warned, there are some BioShock spoilers in the article proper.

(via gamesetwatch)

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