Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Minecraft As Safe Space (Excepting Skeletons)

Screenshot of the Proteancraft Server
(Screenshot of the Proteancraft parkour course)

This landed in my inbox the other day, and for all the Minecraft players who follow me, I figured I'd share this with you all:
What you’re looking at right now are a few stills of our brand-new minecraft server, Proteancraft. Proteancraft offers something most other [Minecraft] servers don’t: a safe, welcoming environment for players from all walks of life. 
The difference is our staff and community. We’re a tumblr-based survival minecraft server dedicated to keeping our community as free as possible from the likes of transphobic, homophobic and otherwise offensive/tasteless characters. The server is handled by a handful of (relatively) mature folks who actually give a hoot about how are players feel. If you’re ever feeling uncomfortable on the server, let us know and we’ll attempt to resolve the issue however possible. 
Proteancraft is online nearly 24/7, so you can connect and play at any time. With 3.5gb of RAM and over 30 unique plugins, you’re bound to have a fun time here! So, come join us!
The server IP for Proteancraft is and if you're interested on keeping up with developments, you can follow the Proteancraft blog here.

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