Thursday, November 15, 2007

Coolest. Tabletop Wargame terrain. EVER.


Talk about dedication:

A Warhammer4k enthusiast going by the handle "oimorrigan," has built this incredible "Apoca- lyptic Manhattan" terrain for his Warhammer game.

He even decked out a room in his apartment with custom wallpaper that looks like ashen-gray clouds and nuclear fallout!

The construction is "UltraCal (construction plaster) + foamboard," and comprises some 50 buildings.
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8xid_x said...

Wow... I would have to build a whole new room onto the house for my wife to let me go this far. I wonder what happens when a player wants one o his troops to go INSIDE a building?!?

Very cool

Shawn_Struck said...

Well, the original poster did say:

"More like: any unit (excluding super heavies) within x inches of a collapsing building tis removed from play."

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