Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Palladium's New Robotech RPG: WIll It Make Its Scheduled November release?

One of the new products announced by Palladium Books (publisher of the RIFTs series) earlier this year was "Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles." The role-playing game would be released in a smal, "manga-sized" pick up where the DVD movie released by Harmony Gold begins (return of the Robotech Expeditionary Force, the separation of Rick Hunter and the SDF-3 from the rest of the fleet, etc.), and was scheduled for a November release coinciding with the release of the direct-to-DVD anime movie.

Then the release on the product page was changed to "November (tentative)".

Then, in an official press release, the release date was given as December.

As of October 30th, the Robotech RPG was categorized as being "still in development".

Dyval, the next book in line for being published before Robotech, isn't even finished.

When posters at popular tabletop gaming portal expressed concerns that the Robotech book wouldn't cover the Macross era due to licensing restrictions, Alex Marciniszyn
(Editor for Palladium Books) said: " Your information is inaccurate. Macross era will be covered."

So, whether the new Robotech RPG will be released in November, or December... when then hell are we going to see any marketing for it, if it's going to be out in the next month or two? Why not release a table of contents, or a character sheet?

What eras of the anime will be covered? Will there be canon characters with stats? What new things will you be adding? Maybe a taste-- like stat blocks for Veritechs?

Why don't more anime news portals know about this?

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