Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Spanish: According To DS Game, the "language that can defeat evil".

"Okay, I work for GameStop, and in one of the local stores, someone returned Spanish for Everyone claiming it was exceedingly stereotypical."

Spanish for Everyone is a game for the Nintendo DS, where the framework involves an accidentally stolen DS which is taken by a kid whose father is in a limo, being chased by the police, going back across the border to Ensenada.

His aunt, pictured at the left, suddenly appears ride as far as Tijuana, leaving him stranded in the middle of a foreign country where he doesn't speak the language!

The intro:

Here's some more video links:
Level 2's cut scene
level 3's cut scene
and the ending, a lot of cars rushing in, "firework sounds" and... drug running?

The game cinemas are so hilariously out there that you might be tempted to think that the awfulness might be completely accidental. According to the lead designer of the game,though... nope, it was all intentional.

And it even sets up a sequel... French for Everyone.

Thanks to Sardius for cluing me in to to this wonderful train wreck of a game.

UPDATE: The head writer for the game also speaks up on Starman.net. The money quote?

... Gina Vasquez is a teenager-level joe "GINA VAsquez" now say those three syllables in succession and OHH. I know that it's nothing intelligent, but....well that suits the overall intelligence of the whole thing...
... there are no words.

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