Tuesday, December 11, 2007

E-Books? Good idea? Bad Idea?

RPGX.org's own King R@t weighs in with a pretty good breakdown.

The Mind's Eye Theatre book for Mage: the Awakening isn't here? But where...only being released in .PDF format? [cries]

Well, it looks like you won't be toting THAT one around in your Jansport anytime soon. But is it really such a bad deal?
He goes over the pros, cons, and how Amazon.com's new e-book reader might affect the playing field here.

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King_Rat said...

Eeee! I'm on The Code!
I just leveled up!
+1 Nerd points!

I guess it's only fair, since your giant RPGX forum write-up on the Palladium crash is what prompted that article in the first place XP

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