Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Namco-Bandai's GunCon NOT Sold Separately

From the consumer blog The Consumerist comes a rather bizzarre but true policy desicion regarding the next Time Crisis gun light game for home consoles:

Some non-game playing exec at Namco Bandai has decided that the gun controller that ships with Time Crisis 4 for the Playstation 3 cannot and will not be sold separately, even though there's a 2-player mode in the game. Their CSR's helpful suggestion? "You will need another copy of Time Crisis 4." It's as if the game is a license to use one gun controller—if you want more gun controllers, simply buy more licenses!

So if you gun breaks, or is stolen, or you don't want to buy a second game just for the gun... guess what?

Too bad!

Read one customer's chat with a Namco-Bandai representative about this issue here.

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King_Rat said...

In a related issue, I believe Nintendo is pulling the same stunt with Guitar Hero III for the Wii. The "Wiitar", as I have now dubbed it, is only being sold with the game.

Good marketing choice, bad PR decision.

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