Monday, July 20, 2015

New NES Game Release Celebrates With Official Tourney This Sat!

The Star Versus Logo
You read that right. A brand-new game for the NES- that's the Nintendo Entertainment System- is being released this week. Described as a player versus player shoot-em-up, Star Versus was developed by four person team, the game features multiple areas, a surprisingly deep battle system, and a single player story campaign.The actions is very fast, and sport lots of on-screen sprites with no slow-down. To celebrate the release, the developers are having an official tournament and release party this Saturday, July 25th, at the Twenty Sided Store in Brooklyn, NY, with the winner getting a free copy of the game. Here's a trailer:

This is a great way to scratch a nostalgia itch, get a physical copy of a game in your hands AND support independent creators. You can get more details preview the game manual, and buy the game at the Star Versus site, and if you're interested in technical musings, the dev team has a blog that explores programming and graphic design for the NES too.

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