Thursday, July 9, 2015

US Challenges Japan To Mecha Robot Duel. Seriously.

Description: A man stand next to a anime style robot approx.
12 feet tall. Superimposed over the scene are the words "Response
to robot duel challenge".
While Boomers growing up with the Jetsons decry a distinct lack of flying cars in the future they were promised, Gen Xers and Millenials raised on Voltron, Power Rangers and Alien might bemoan the lack of personal mechanized robot fights. Don't get me wrong, the show Battlebots and Robot Wars were fun, but those competitions look like we just taught a bunch of Roombas how to fight.

One US company, MegaBots Inc, has dreamed of a day where personal giant mecha robots compete in stadiums as a spectator sport. They even attempted a Kickstarter to make it happen that was ultimately unsuccessful. So while they do have a paintball-shooting,full functional wearable mech, what can MegaBots Inc do with them aside from selling them to the niche collector market? They can challenge their Japanese rivals in this niche market, Suidobashi Heavy Industry to a duel!

3 days ago, Subarishi Heavy Industries fired back with a response:

Not just accepted, but gauntlet THROWN DOWN.

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Anonymous said...

wah ternyata begitu ya tentang pertarungan robot, wah seru juga yaa hehe

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