Monday, June 12, 2017

Listen Up: MisanthroPlay

Pop culture analysis MisanthoPop has a companion video game podcast called, appropriately enough, MisanthroPlay. Hosted by game critics Robert Fenner and Alvin Chua, each episode of MisanthroPlay features two parts. The first part focuses on a different in video games- types of genres, types of narratives, design, or even a series of games itself. In the second half, Alvin and Robert talk about whatever they've been playing that week. The recent podcast going in on the Wonder Boy remake is a delight!

You can browse an episode index here or subscribe via iTunes  here.
Listen Up is an ongoing series devoted to shining a spotlight on podcasts by diverse creators. You can check out all the podcasts previously featured here. If you have a podcast you'd like to recommend, post it in the comments or email me at shawnstruck at gmail dot com.

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