Thursday, June 15, 2017

Not Finished Yet: Glacier Mixes Mortal Kombat, Pro Wrestling & Positivity

Ray Lloyd in the pro wrestling persona of Glacier. Photo

Brandon Stroud of UPROXX and its wrestling sub-site With Spandex released a multimedia essay and overview of one of the most ahead-of-his time pro wrestler: Ray Lloyd, aka WCW's Glacier. What made the character both in-the-moment and ahead of his time was the inspiration behind his character-- Mortal Kombat was tearing up arcades in the late 90s.  As Lloyd says, timing is everything:
“Wrestling usually mimics what’s popular in society, what’s out there that is making money for society. Mortal Kombat was a huge thing in the early 90s, going into the mid 90s, and that was really what happened was … Turner saw an opportunity to capitalize on something that they felt was a good risk. And, as you and I were talking earlier I mentioned to you that, [Diamond Dallas Page] has a great saying where he says, ‘Give me talent, give me luck, or give me timing. I’ll take timing every single time.’ And as I look back on it, no one knew then that the timing might’ve needed to be a little bit earlier. But then again, no one knew that nWo was gonna take off the way it did. You can’t predict something like that.”
The article and video goes into the life and times of Glacier and how he's able to use positivity to reach fans both old and new. If you read just one longform article on pro wrestling this year, make it this one. GO. Watch the video! Read the whole thing. Now!

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