Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Listen Up: Mah Nameks

Welcome to the first post in a multi part series of Listen Up, where we feature podcasts created, hosted and run by people of color covering all sorts of media fandoms and subjects. Kicking things off is the excellent Mah Nameks.

NJ's own Antoine Lucas (along with rotating cast of 6 other recurring friends & co-hosts) all watch and discuss recently released anime. Of course, any good podcast review needs a good ratings theme , so as you might guess from the name, "Mah Nameks", it revolves around Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z.
  • A bad show is given the rating "Special Beam Cannon" (since it is Piccolo's signature move and also easily the worst special attack in the series)
  • An average show's rates "Needs More Training"
  • A really good show is rated "Mah Namek" 
The vibe is pretty chill and often funny as hell, like you have a bunch of friends hanging out chatting about anime while dunking on bad anime, and each other. You can listen along on Soundcloud and on iTunes.

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