Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Listen Up: Blacker Than Black Times Infinity

While listening to the Those Damn Comic Book Guys podcast, I was really taken with a request guest they'd have on to talk about anime: Prodigy. Prodigy was insightful and funny, and I was delighted to find out he's also one of the hosts of a great ensemble podcast called Blacker Than Black Times Infinity.  Hosted by Prodigy and three of his friends (Stitch, Old Ninja, and Blue Cronus), they talk about everything nerdy: video games, comic books, tv shows, streaming media, anime (they all have been anime fans since they were little kids), and superhero movies from the indie to the AAA blockbusters.

Their facebook is here, and you can listen along on their Soundcloud or via iTunes.

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Salim French said...

Glad to see this comment:) I love both podcasts. Thank you!

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