Thursday, August 14, 2014

Best Possible Version of Young Justice Released

Young Justice Avaiable on Blu-Ray
For fans of the fantastic and too-soon canceled series Young Justice, now is the time for rejoicing. The show is finally being released on Blu-Ray (it’s available today!), and as one single product rather than four confusing different DVD sets.
The second and remaining season of the show has yet to be listed, but if sales are good for season one, it shouldn’t be long before Warner Bros. releases the final season on Blue-Ray as well.
Young Justice was a series that was canceled despite good ratings and a large fan base and is a prime example of a great series cancelled way too soon. There were a few DVDs released, but they were released across 4 bare-bones DVDs and DVD set in a confusing manner. Now Young Justice fans get some entertainment justice The complete first season of Young Justice was released on Blu-ray yesterday!

No word on a second season yet, but word is that strong sales of this DVD will send a strong case for releasing the rest of the series in a similar fashion.

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