Friday, August 1, 2014

Reminder: "Coping With Disabilities Through Pony" Panel Tomorrow

Matthew Palumbo, a dad with a degenerative visual disability, is spending the last Bronycon he expects to have usable vision left taking his seven year old son to meet all the voice actors his heart desires... and also help raise awareness and reformation in the MLP:FiM fandom by hosting the panel "Coping With Disabilities Through Pony" tomorrow. The panel will be tomorrow in Moon Hall, starting promptly at 1:45 PM. The panel will be headed by Matthew Palumbo and his 7 year old son Ethan, fan animator Meredith Sims of Silly Filly Studios, illustrator, fan artist and programmer of Braillemon Rachael Meredith, and writer & aspiring educator Benjamin Platt.

They will also detail two new "Beyond the Panel" initiatives: The collection of "Our Little Inspirations"-- 41 stories from fans around the world in e-document, free pdf and at -cost physical book form as well as a free downloadable audiobook-- and "Descriptive Snowdrop"-- an re-release of award-winning fan film Snowndrop that makes the story of a blind pony fully accessible to the blind and visually impaired with descriptive audio.

Don't miss it!

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