Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kid Gets Secret Treasure Room For 4th Birthday

Secret Treasure Room before and after

At ghghghgh, they detail how they turned an unused storage room adjacent to their 4 year old's room from a dusty, unused and unfurnished room into a space so wondrous that their son called it a "secret treasure room".

They hid the door to the storage room behind a kid-size dresser for two years, and when his fourth birthday drew near, the set to re-flooring the room, putting up and painting new walls, and stocking the room with furniture and drawing supplies and stickers and a world map that wouldn't have fit on the wall of his other room.

secret room after6

This is an awesome project, and pretty unique gift to give to a kid-- how many of us have daydreamed of dressers or bookshelves in a home leading to secret rooms? These folks worked together and gave him one. You can read how they did it, complete with pictures, here at Goer.org.

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