Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Click, Click, BOOM! History of Minesweeper

Noted as having celebrity players from Bill Gates to J.K. Rowling, often blamed for dips in office workers' productivity, and bundled by default with every version of the Windows OS until Windows 8, the history of Minesweeper is a long and storied one. On the occasion of the game's 21st anniversary, Eurogamer has released a detailed retrospective on the game's history in "Every Step You Take- The Story of Minesweeper":
After making its debut in the Windows Entertainment Pack, Minesweeper was given away with Windows 3.11, the breakthrough version of Windows. It's been a staple ever since, and Windows 8 is the first Microsoft OS since 3.11 that hasn't included it by default. And the men who made that version of Minesweeper were Curt Johnson and Robert Donner. Over the phone, Johnson's voice is slow. It's so soft and hesitant I keep thinking he's finished speaking mid-sentence, so I start talking before the transatlantic lag reveals he was just taking a long, long moment to sieve his thoughts.
The retrospective really gets into the nuts and bolts of the game's development, programming, and even delves into things like competitive Minesweeper, the Dreamboard and even a Minesweeper MMO! Give it a read!

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