Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Meet Your New Favorite Superhero, Spark


Ted Anderson and Alex Law, the team behind the awesome blog "Little Girls Are Better At Designing Superheroes Than You", have teamed up again to bring another awesome superhero to life: Sparks, the secret identity of 9 year old Lucia Marquez-Miller. She's a budding engineer with telekinetic powers that she calls her "spark".

Her creators are making an open pitch to gauge interest. If there's enough interest, the want to make the comic on ongoing, published series. Here's the pitch:
As Spark, the world’s youngest superhero, she’s a junior member of a superhero team while also trying to live a normal life. Can Lucia juggle her friends and family while also saving the world from super villains? We’re posting a 15-page standalone comic here to give readers an idea of what the book would be like.

Take a gander:

Want to see the rest? It's available in full size here.


Grant Pearson said...

Wow, this is actually pretty awesome! Love the writing, you're pretty good at this, dude!

Shawn Struck said...

Haha, thanks. Yeah, this comic is charming as heck, and anything I can do to help raise awareness and make the media people read (especially kids), I want to do!

Ted said...

Dang! Thanks so much for this nice writeup! If anyone wants to know more about the project, we've set up a Tumblr here, which you can follow for updates:

Thanks for helping get the word out!

Shawn Struck said...

No problem, Ted. It's a well-crafted project, and I hope it becomes a huge hit.

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