Thursday, August 7, 2014

Free Game Site ForestAmbassador Shows Gaming's True Potential


hey so i run this site called forest ambassador
it posts three games a week that are free, short, and easy to get into
(it’s videogames for people who don’t like videogames)
the games i post are about stuff like: false police confessions, feeding ducks, urban zoning policy, being a pregnant mermaid, shaving your legs, capitalism, hugging cats
(things games aren’t usually about)
they’re also often by marginalized authors
oh, and you can browse all 150+ games i’ve posted so far by mood, too
it would mean a lot to me if you would reblog this post and check out the site!
oh, and one last thing: the site is currently my only steady source of income. so if you like the kind of things i’m doing with it and can afford to, consider subscribing, which gets you a monthly ezine called woodland secrets (you can learn more about that here)

Merrit Kopas runs Forest Ambassador, a site that has the mission to introduce video games to wider audiences. According to Kopas, all games that appear on Forest Ambassador are
  • free 
  • demand relatively little investment of time 
  • require little familiarity with game conventions 
  • need no specialized equipment
Forest Ambassador is more than just a site that posts three games that are free, short, and easy to start playing. The games also runs the gamut of subjects from false police confessions, feeding ducks, urban zoning policy, shaving your legs, capitalism, and hugging cats-- stuff you wouldn't expect to see video games cover.
The featured games are also more often than not made by marginalized authors. In a welcome touch, you can also browse the over 100 games featured so far by mood! What are you waiting for? Check it out!

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